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The tomb of the four horsemen messenger may have been found

Google it they say…

Even if you were to search under archeology, you wouldn’t find it underneath stories of Egyptian Tombs being looted.

Even if you were to search under Middle East, you wouldn’t find it through the mass of Egyptian Riot articles.

Even if you were to search under Biblical news, you could not find this story over opinions being written on the Muslim Brotherhood.

But AFP reported this afternoon that Israeli archeologists believe they have found Zechariah’s tomb. “Researchers believe that in light of an analysis of the Christian sources … the church at Horbet Madras is a memorial church designed to mark the tomb of the prophet Zechariah,” the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

This is an interesting, if hardly unheard of phenomena. An ancient church and/or other religious place of worship was built to mark the burial spot of a significant historical figure. Although much more work needs to be done to conclude their hypothesis, the surprise would be slim.

The Byzantine-era church located near the Roman-age community of Horbat Madras, was discovered by looters. Underneath the church is a Roman-era structure containing mosiac floors with a cave complex underneath that structure. Zechariah became semi-infamous for introducing the four horsemen apocalypse to the Jewish people.

What is even more interesting is that the church was not maintained past the approximate time of Constantine’s rule. Although the community of Horbat Madras was destroyed around the time of the third major Jewish uprising against the Romans, Bar Kokhba, in 135 AD. It is important to note that this revolt began the separate distinctions of Christians and Jews as different. The Jewish Christians did not support this revolt, which began when the Jewish nation found out Hadrian intended to build a Roman Metropolis atop of the ruins of Jerusalem, with a temple dedicated to Jupiter to be built upon the site of the Second Temple. Although the Third Great Revolt halted these plans, it cemented the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora and the Sanhedrin as the guidance of the Jewish nation. Hadrian, in his fury, wiped any mention of Judea off the map, and established a new province that would prove to be a never-ending curse to the Jewish people, the province of Syria-Palestine.

Amidst all of that, a church, belonging to the original Messianic Jews, was left essentially unscathed. And the architecture of this church literally screams Zechariah to any student of Christian Lore or the Jerusalem Talmud. And it did not survive the establishment of the Church in the city of Rome by Constantine, even though it survived the, adversaries shall we say, of the Jewish and Roman religions. It would not survive its own transformation, and until now remained buried and forgotten in favor of Christ-centric relics, which apparently was not of that much importance to the early church.

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