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The fact based assault on Homeschooling.

I’ve heard it all when it comes to homeschooling.

No homeschooled child can receive the proper education he needs to face the world.

No homeschooled child will receive the proper socialization he needs to interact with the world.

No homeschooled child will be physically fit and able without a physical education program.

But the one that we are just starting to hear, the one that I have just begun to recognize as true and factual, is the scariest of them all.

No home schooled child is given a tolerant, sex-safe, liberal arts education.

Now granted this isn’t exactly always true. There are many homeschooled children who receive just such an education. But they are certainly in the minority. And by that education I equivocate tolerant to “All religions are equal,” sex-safe to “taught how to use a condom while younger than the age of 12,” and liberal arts as in “peaceful protests and campaigning for homosexual, civil and gender based advantages to minorities.”

There are three points to homeschooling, and parents are entitled to use all or none of those points. One point is a Christian Education, with a emphasis on Jesus Christ as the one true Son of God. Another point is a superior education where the child establishes him/herself through standardized testing as scoring higher than 80% of a public schooling child. And the third point is avoidance of negative influences, whether those be drugs, promiscuity, poor attitude or abusive teaching.

The attack homeschooling faces is no longer about what the result of the child will be, it is what the child will think. Now that at least two generations of homeschooled children have exposed tens of millions across the North American continent to good social practices and a strong, educated mind, the attack will be what those strong, educated minds think.

Perhaps this should sound like nothing new. Perhaps this should sound, if anything, convenient to the Fundamentalist Christian Pro-Life movement. But it isn’t. If anything, it only helps to single out an individual more to stereotyping and discrimination. Fundamentalist Pro-Life Christian’s are starting to feel as though their last remaining legs are being cut out from underneath them as they desperately try to maintain that they are not all that unique and different from the majority of the population.

Infighting has begun between those Christians with the ability and/or desire to educate their children to maintain transcendence of beliefs. And those who do not. They are growing more wary of the products of homeschooling, instead of becoming relaxed with the beneficial results of a homeschooled child amongst common society. Christianity will not long tolerate the insolence of a parent who rejects the church based school as well as the government based school. If normalcy and conformity is demanded by everyone, your desire for your child to be unique unto himself will be under constant persecution.

Homeschoolers need to be prepared to stand on their own in the near future.

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