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The marketing advantage of being pro-life

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sulgnavon.

I stumbled across an interesting fact reading ESPN magazine the other day, that Denver Bronco’s rookie quarterback Tim Tebow set records for a rookie in jersey sales. He is among the top 10 for overall sales even 9 months after he was drafted and still hadn’t started a game. But perhaps, even more importantly, is that Tim Tebow’s jersey is the one that is purchased the second most by women purchasing NFL jersey’s.

And what is Tim Tebow’s claim to fame? Drafted 25th of 32 in the first round. He was a US College Football Superstar, which heavily weighs on his marketability. He shows considerable promise to become the Denver Bronco’s franchise QB, oh, and he was the star in Focus On The Family’s pro-life Super Bowl commercial.

But how did something so small, seemingly just a one-off event, two 30 second blip’s in time, translate into people wanting to associate his name on their backs? In particular women? He’s just one of those kooky Christian NFL guys that are supposed to be role models for the community, serving turkey’s to the homeless on Thanksgiving and other photo-ops right? He isn’t really supposed to tell people how hard of a choice it was for his mom to keep him, to not abort him, right?

And even if he did, why would women want to wear the jersey of someone who survived not being aborted? Why not wear other players jersey’s who are cooler, sexier, put up the big stats, maybe their husbands favourite’s? How does this guy outsell Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and Troy Polamalu? Does pro-life association give one that much more of an economic advantage?

Articles appearing in industry newsmagazines like Advertising Age: Will Tim Tebow’s Pro-Life Bowl Ad Kill His Potential as an Endorser?. That was back in January, questioning how he would damage his marketability. In May, Tim Tebow’s reading on the Davie-Brown Index showed that he was found to be more appealing and more of a trendsetter than New England’s Tom Brady , Minnesota’s Brett Favre and Dallas’ Tony Romo among others. In August, the “haters” started showing up on forums saying It’s the Great White Hope thing…I’m a cynic, I think the bible verses under the eyes is a marketing thing.

Tim Tebow has apparently tried to destroy his marketability according to some. According to others he is riding the Christian Gravy Train. Yet according to others his spit shine clean image has never put his marketability into question. At the end of the day, one statistic stands out to me: That women wish to wear the jersey of a man who said loud and proud to the world in one of the most watched events of our time that he is happy he wasn’t aborted.


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