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The Alberta/B.C. Foreclosure Explosion?

I was prompted to write this blog after listening closely to a friend I’ve known for several years, and several recent trials with a bank. There is nothing exceptionally weird or unusual about where this story comes from. It’s where it’s going that’s, as far as I can tell, unprecedented. The story starts off of course in a situation where where two spouses are working, or rather, one is and the other isn’t, or between jobs. They have a home with a mortgage in small town Alberta. The relationship goes sour, and one of the spouses who is supposed to be paying the mortgage isn’t. The other one, of course, doesn’t find out until foreclosure is impending.

Except that it isn’t. The bank will not foreclose. But they are using unusual means and methods to try and obtain the remaining amount owing. I will not go into any deeper description here, but you are more than welcome to take a stab at what is going on, or to describe a similar situation yourself, at opinions.caduceusx.com

This story, and some of the legal paperwork that I have seen in it, has prompted me to do some checking into the current foreclosure climate in Canada, and in particular, Alberta. It’s interesting how truly little one can dig up after getting past all the stories of Flaherty changing the mortgage laws in January: Which is expected to force property prices downward this spring.

The foreclosure climate in Canada is one of relative stability. Stability, in that it doesn’t change very much. Since statistics that are available go back to 1990, when the rate was .18% of all mortgages were in arrears, from a total of 1.4 million mortgages, we can observe the historical high (January 1997: .65%) And a never again seen historical low. What is interesting Is that in 1990 there were only 10.1 million households, and 1.4 million mortgages. Fast forward to 2010 and we have 12.4 million households (an increase of just 23%). But 4.1 million mortgages (an increase of 292%) and a tripling of the percentage in arrears (.44%). To top all of this off, the number of mortgages in arrears has gone up 78% nationwide since 2008. (All statistics from Canadian Bankers Association)

That doesn’t sound too good for Canada, but I wanted to check out Alberta’s numbers in particular. So I found the province by province categories, and had a look see.

Atlantic… hmmm… and increase of maybe 17%, pretty small.
Quebec… 71%, there we go, just about the national norm.
Ontario… 25%. That’s really small. They can’t be doing too bad out there…
Manitoba… An increase of just 24%. This recession hasn’t hit them too too bad either.
Saskatchewan? Just 34%.
British Columbia? 338%???? Holy Hannah! Now there’s a province that has been hit hard.
Alberta? ….that can’t be right…. 455%. …

Seems that this recession hasn’t hit anybody quite as hard as those Albertans.

An increase in the monthly total of mortgages in arrears of 455% in a two year period spells disaster for at least one thing: a real estate market. I would go so far as to suggest that it means much, much more. The percentage of mortgages in arrears has nearly quadrupled to lead the nation at .88%.

Even an Albertan Prime Minister will not give Albertans a break. Just because the statistics say we’ve been hit hard, doesn’t mean he won’t do the same thing as all the rest have done. Help out the Ontario Auto Industry, fully insure the banks so that they can do no wrong, and promote something referred to as culture in Quebec. Hell of a thing really.

In November 2010 1 out of every 492 households in recession stricken America had received a foreclosure notice. In December 2010, 1 out of every 299 households in Alberta had received a foreclosure notice. What does this mean for Canada’s major export-revenue and tax-revenue generating province?

It means a heap more trouble than you wished. Especially considering that Canadians are also at a point in credit card delinquency that hasn’t been this high since 1991.

1 extra thing I should note: Although you can dig up all the facts you want on how America’s foreclosure situation is in much worse shape than ours, and in some ways I would agree with you. You have to remember, American statistics are very complete for the most part. The arrears statistics that I have given you for example, show only the numbers accumulated for Canada’s 9 largest banks. Those statistics do not include the information that hundreds of credit union branches may have, for example.

And all things considered, it it has anything to do with Alberta, I’m not certain I would want to know.

But what degree of madness could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity?

“But ambitious encroachments of the federal government on the authority of the State governments would not excite the opposition of a single State, or of a few States only. They would be signals of general alarm.” – Unknown part 1.

Enforced healthcare. Several states and their governments believe that it is an encroachment upon the rights of their people. What originally started out as equally enforced access to healthcare plans for all has quickly devolved into enforced access to healthcare plans for several different minorities. Ultimately only one thing is for sure, no one persons healthcare plan is equal to any other persons.

Why has the federal government created laws that it says it can exclude various groups of people from? Why has the federal government created law that fines the people it does not exclude?

“Every government would espouse the common cause.” – Unknown Part 2

But everyone can see there is nothing common about these laws. In the state of New Jersey when Obamacare was truly rolled out for the public, only 2 uninsured people signed up for it.

“…an apprehension of the federal, as was produced by the dread of a foreign, yoke; and unless the projected innovations should be voluntarily renounced, the same appeal to a trial of force would be made in the one case as was made in the other.” – Unknown Part 3

A single founding father was quoted in each one of the above quotations. The last, part 3, you will notice suggests to us that the appropriate response to the federal government of the United States of America is the same response that founding father gave to England. This is hardly an opinion that is out of date, although certainly not a founding father, Rush Limbaugh recently repeated such sentiment. Stating: ‎”After the election in November — repeal Obamacare, defund it, doesn’t happen. Number of other things the voters who sent all these freshman to Washington to stop, arrest, cease and desist. If it doesn’t happen, we go Egypt on Obama.”

That founding father was James Madison. And although we are encouraged to uphold his example, what is even more important is that he understood then as much as we do now. Because he finished off this letter with this sentence:

“But what degree of madness could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity?” – James Madison Part 4

Sarah Palin Vs. Ron Paul: Fox News is still protecting its Mama Grizzly

The Conservative Political Action Conference is holding it’s annual convention in Washington D.C. You may recall the 2010 CPAC Presidential Straw Poll stunning winner: Ron Paul. At the time Fox News belittled Ron Paul for winning the straw poll over their own paid staff, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. What was even more reprehensible is knowing that Mitt Romney, the winner of the three previous straw polls had received heaps of praise from the NeoCon News Channel.

Well, fast forward to 2011 and click on the link to Fox News’s CPAC mirror poll. They started out with 16 candidates to choose from, 2 divisions of 8, first round gave you 4 votes in each division. This went on to the “Electable 8″ and gave you 2 votes in each division. The Electable 8 ended with Sarah Palin (33%) and Ron Paul (31%) the only 2 people over 30% in the polls. Also moving on to the final 4 were Mike Huckabee (28%) and Chris Christie (26%). Division 1 voters giving Palin and Huckabee the edge though, didn’t seem to see much point in swinging towards Palin or Huckabee. When Tim Pawlenty (18%) got dropped along with Mitt Romney (20%), the divide between Huckabee and Palin only swung from 5% to 7%. The negligible increase seems to indicate that the typical Pawlenty or Romney supporter doesn’t see much of a difference Palin or Huckabee.

However when Ron Paul moved on with his 31% and Chris Christie moved on with his 26%, they left behind Michele Bachmann with 17% and Newt Gingrich with 25%. In the final four Christie’s popularity surged (so far) by 9%, while Ron Paul gobbled up the remaining 33% of Gingrich and Bachmann supporters. Here is what makes the most interesting scenario of this entire equation: Fox News kept their dancing bears out of the touch and grasp of direct polling against Ron Paul, and they will ensure it stays that way because the Final Four in 2 different divisions will not be reduced down to the Final Two and pit Sarah Palin against Ron Paul in direct polling on foxnews.com.

The Fox News polling also confirms just about any other serious poll that has ensured Ron Paul and Sarah Palin are amongst the choices. In April 2010 POLITICO/TargetPoint released a poll has 43% support amongst self-identified Tea Partiers, while Ron Paul took 2nd with 42%. Amongst Republicans overall Sarah Palin again took 1st place with 15% of the vote and Ron Paul took 2nd place with 12% overall. What was interesting coming out of that poll was that not one of a dozen Republicans could score over 50% of the Tea Party’s support. What this Fox News poll indicates too me is that a poll will come out soon indicating that that is changing. If Palin pick’s up a statistical deadheat with “establishment” Huckabee in the same poll with the exact same voters in it on foxnews.com but Ron Paul blows “establishment” Chris Christie out of the water. This indicates Tea Partiers are not as sold on Palin as they are on Ron Paul.

The ever present problem is the “but we have to beat Obama” mentality. Feb 6th brought out a new poll from Rasmussen showing a dead heat between Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee vs. Obama. Palin was down 11% to Obama while Ron Paul was only down 9%. If Tea Partiers do start to dump Sarah Palin, I doubt very much that the NeoCon’s are gonna try very hard to pick her back up. Watch for Ron Paul to begin closing those statistical gaps over the next 3 months, as the repercussions of Palin’s Midterm Missteps come around.

The tomb of the four horsemen messenger may have been found

Google it they say…

Even if you were to search under archeology, you wouldn’t find it underneath stories of Egyptian Tombs being looted.

Even if you were to search under Middle East, you wouldn’t find it through the mass of Egyptian Riot articles.

Even if you were to search under Biblical news, you could not find this story over opinions being written on the Muslim Brotherhood.

But AFP reported this afternoon that Israeli archeologists believe they have found Zechariah’s tomb. “Researchers believe that in light of an analysis of the Christian sources … the church at Horbet Madras is a memorial church designed to mark the tomb of the prophet Zechariah,” the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

This is an interesting, if hardly unheard of phenomena. An ancient church and/or other religious place of worship was built to mark the burial spot of a significant historical figure. Although much more work needs to be done to conclude their hypothesis, the surprise would be slim.

The Byzantine-era church located near the Roman-age community of Horbat Madras, was discovered by looters. Underneath the church is a Roman-era structure containing mosiac floors with a cave complex underneath that structure. Zechariah became semi-infamous for introducing the four horsemen apocalypse to the Jewish people.

What is even more interesting is that the church was not maintained past the approximate time of Constantine’s rule. Although the community of Horbat Madras was destroyed around the time of the third major Jewish uprising against the Romans, Bar Kokhba, in 135 AD. It is important to note that this revolt began the separate distinctions of Christians and Jews as different. The Jewish Christians did not support this revolt, which began when the Jewish nation found out Hadrian intended to build a Roman Metropolis atop of the ruins of Jerusalem, with a temple dedicated to Jupiter to be built upon the site of the Second Temple. Although the Third Great Revolt halted these plans, it cemented the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora and the Sanhedrin as the guidance of the Jewish nation. Hadrian, in his fury, wiped any mention of Judea off the map, and established a new province that would prove to be a never-ending curse to the Jewish people, the province of Syria-Palestine.

Amidst all of that, a church, belonging to the original Messianic Jews, was left essentially unscathed. And the architecture of this church literally screams Zechariah to any student of Christian Lore or the Jerusalem Talmud. And it did not survive the establishment of the Church in the city of Rome by Constantine, even though it survived the, adversaries shall we say, of the Jewish and Roman religions. It would not survive its own transformation, and until now remained buried and forgotten in favor of Christ-centric relics, which apparently was not of that much importance to the early church.

The fact based assault on Homeschooling.

I’ve heard it all when it comes to homeschooling.

No homeschooled child can receive the proper education he needs to face the world.

No homeschooled child will receive the proper socialization he needs to interact with the world.

No homeschooled child will be physically fit and able without a physical education program.

But the one that we are just starting to hear, the one that I have just begun to recognize as true and factual, is the scariest of them all.

No home schooled child is given a tolerant, sex-safe, liberal arts education.

Now granted this isn’t exactly always true. There are many homeschooled children who receive just such an education. But they are certainly in the minority. And by that education I equivocate tolerant to “All religions are equal,” sex-safe to “taught how to use a condom while younger than the age of 12,” and liberal arts as in “peaceful protests and campaigning for homosexual, civil and gender based advantages to minorities.”

There are three points to homeschooling, and parents are entitled to use all or none of those points. One point is a Christian Education, with a emphasis on Jesus Christ as the one true Son of God. Another point is a superior education where the child establishes him/herself through standardized testing as scoring higher than 80% of a public schooling child. And the third point is avoidance of negative influences, whether those be drugs, promiscuity, poor attitude or abusive teaching.

The attack homeschooling faces is no longer about what the result of the child will be, it is what the child will think. Now that at least two generations of homeschooled children have exposed tens of millions across the North American continent to good social practices and a strong, educated mind, the attack will be what those strong, educated minds think.

Perhaps this should sound like nothing new. Perhaps this should sound, if anything, convenient to the Fundamentalist Christian Pro-Life movement. But it isn’t. If anything, it only helps to single out an individual more to stereotyping and discrimination. Fundamentalist Pro-Life Christian’s are starting to feel as though their last remaining legs are being cut out from underneath them as they desperately try to maintain that they are not all that unique and different from the majority of the population.

Infighting has begun between those Christians with the ability and/or desire to educate their children to maintain transcendence of beliefs. And those who do not. They are growing more wary of the products of homeschooling, instead of becoming relaxed with the beneficial results of a homeschooled child amongst common society. Christianity will not long tolerate the insolence of a parent who rejects the church based school as well as the government based school. If normalcy and conformity is demanded by everyone, your desire for your child to be unique unto himself will be under constant persecution.

Homeschoolers need to be prepared to stand on their own in the near future.

Woodrow Wilson’s Pension Plan

To provide some background on the matters of Pension Plans in America, and to whom the President who on his watch oversaw the implementation of a Pension Plan, a back story should be told.

While Governor of New Jersey, and before becoming President Woodrow Wilson applied to receive payment of his pension from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Irregardless of whether or not the Foundation had written into its code the ability to access a pension while still employed in any manner, the fact of the matter is that Woodrow Wilson saw fit to receive his monies he felt due to him irregardless of position or income.

And that is the type of person who believes they require a pension, who holds it in truth that they are owed a pension, and will try to receive it. The original purpose of a pension, as held when first created under the umbrella of a nation, in Otto Von Bismarck’s Prussia, is to pay out after a certain age. Not so the case for Woodrow Wilson, he felt compelled to access a pension at the age of 54, and nearly 2 full years before being elected President.

Although preceeded in 1875 in a privately held manner through American Express Company for a pension plan. America under Woodrow Wilson and his policies oversaw the implementation of tax exemption status to pension plans of any kind. Further to that, after the implementation of these policies, America saw the size of its still active labor force over the age of 65 decrease from 60.1% in 1910-1920 to 17.5% in 1990-2000. In summary, not only did Woodrow Wilson decrease productivity, economic valuation and sustainability in this country, he also saw fit to give us all an example to follow that we should access pension plans as early and often as possible.

In 1919, during a somewhat lame duck session of the House, Woodrow Wilson’s pension policies also saw fit to create America’s very first Public Pension. To understand why you envy the public employee who seems to be able to do whatever he wants and retire earlier than you can, look no further than the man who enabled them. I see fit to label the 1919 Legislative Session in which these laws were passed as lame duck not because of party prominence replacement but rather due to a vast ideological shift. Woodrow Wilson, while indeed a leader of the Progressive Movement at the time, was the last President of his kind completing Teddy Roosevelt’s full impact as a President. Replaced by William Harding, an appeasement President, there was no chance for this legislation to be removed from the books in fast enough order.

Otto Von Bismarck’s Pension Plan

Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck was the first statesman in the world to start a state sponsored pension system. In 1889 he created a revolutionary system of providing pension for people who reached the age of 70, by taxing the younger people who are still in the work force. It may come as a surprise that the pension plan is such a recent invention, but then again, one should also note that the earliest examples of a ponzi scheme in literature only predate Bismarck’s reforms by 30-40 years.

The two are one and the same. A mandatory pension plan, once created, requires everyone to pay into it for the benefit of the so-called oldest investors. In order for the pension plan to work, the more people there are entering a pension plan at the age of 70, the more people there must be to pay for that persons pension. A ponzi scheme works the exact same way. Once it is created, the very first people to pay into it then begin to receive dividends on their investments. But as more people are attracted to it, the more people expect to receive their entitlements.

But if a pension plan is a ponzi scheme such as I assert, why then has it not fallen apart like a ponzi scheme? And the answer to this is very simple, in a ponzi scheme, you are told by the administrator of the program you will receive your rewards in a matter or weeks, months, or at the latest, by the end of the year. In a pension scheme, you are told that you must pay, under due threat of forcible confinement. Furthermore that you will not receive any rewards before the age of 65, at least in most countries. In other words, pension schemes take years to develop.

It also helped Von Bismarck considerably that the average age of a Prussian in 1889 was 45 years old. He could rely on a very large proportion of working age citizens to pay for the very few who lived to be 70. However, living to be 70 is no longer uncommon, in fact in Germany, one need only live to be 65 now before receiving pension. The second cause for concern is that there are far fewer working age citizens in comparison to the number of pension collecting seniors. What was once likely a 100-1 paying to pensioner ratio, has now become a 3-1 ratio, and its fast on its way to a 2-1 ratio.

Now, hopefully everything that you have just read is nothing new to you. In fact, if you are even close to being sentient, you should know that it is to your own detriment to plan on receiving a pension. I could try to sell you real estate, mutual funds, gold and silver, etc. But that isn’t the point here, the point is to have a discussion to envision the results of the inevitable and in particular, its effect on the general public. That will be forthcoming in the next blog post.

The marketing advantage of being pro-life

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sulgnavon.

I stumbled across an interesting fact reading ESPN magazine the other day, that Denver Bronco’s rookie quarterback Tim Tebow set records for a rookie in jersey sales. He is among the top 10 for overall sales even 9 months after he was drafted and still hadn’t started a game. But perhaps, even more importantly, is that Tim Tebow’s jersey is the one that is purchased the second most by women purchasing NFL jersey’s.

And what is Tim Tebow’s claim to fame? Drafted 25th of 32 in the first round. He was a US College Football Superstar, which heavily weighs on his marketability. He shows considerable promise to become the Denver Bronco’s franchise QB, oh, and he was the star in Focus On The Family’s pro-life Super Bowl commercial.

But how did something so small, seemingly just a one-off event, two 30 second blip’s in time, translate into people wanting to associate his name on their backs? In particular women? He’s just one of those kooky Christian NFL guys that are supposed to be role models for the community, serving turkey’s to the homeless on Thanksgiving and other photo-ops right? He isn’t really supposed to tell people how hard of a choice it was for his mom to keep him, to not abort him, right?

And even if he did, why would women want to wear the jersey of someone who survived not being aborted? Why not wear other players jersey’s who are cooler, sexier, put up the big stats, maybe their husbands favourite’s? How does this guy outsell Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and Troy Polamalu? Does pro-life association give one that much more of an economic advantage?

Articles appearing in industry newsmagazines like Advertising Age: Will Tim Tebow’s Pro-Life Bowl Ad Kill His Potential as an Endorser?. That was back in January, questioning how he would damage his marketability. In May, Tim Tebow’s reading on the Davie-Brown Index showed that he was found to be more appealing and more of a trendsetter than New England’s Tom Brady , Minnesota’s Brett Favre and Dallas’ Tony Romo among others. In August, the “haters” started showing up on forums saying It’s the Great White Hope thing…I’m a cynic, I think the bible verses under the eyes is a marketing thing.

Tim Tebow has apparently tried to destroy his marketability according to some. According to others he is riding the Christian Gravy Train. Yet according to others his spit shine clean image has never put his marketability into question. At the end of the day, one statistic stands out to me: That women wish to wear the jersey of a man who said loud and proud to the world in one of the most watched events of our time that he is happy he wasn’t aborted.


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